4 Trends I love



I’m usually not a trendy person. I like what I like and often the newest trends are just not to my liking or style. Simply liking something because it’s in is humorous, and often trends just die out and you’re suddenly not cool for liking them anymore. For example, so up to any trend follower and ask about feather extensions, they’ll promptly tell you that is so 2011. Puh-lease.

However I’ve found quite a few trends lately that I have loved, and while some of these may not be in anymore, they were within the last few years and I love them simply because I do.


Floral is a very vintage pattern. Dating back to the romantic victorian era, the 50s, 80s, and 90s. I remember staying far from florals in the 90s and early 2000’s and now that my style has changed I just adore it. It has such a feminine classic feel when done right.


Chevron has been a trend a while and while I know many are sick of it I only recently found my love for it lately, so my love for those zig zags is still strong!


Triangles, arrows, geometric lines, they are very in right now and I just love it! Such a simple clean aesthetic to the, they just look pretty.



Galaxy’s are one trend I’m extremely in love with, which is ironic because at first I just didn’t get it. But now that I have seen the many uses for this pattern; clothes, shoes, art etc I just adore them. Those pink, purple, black and blue swirls of stars are lovely.

In honor of my love for Galaxies I’m going to be posting a Photoshop tutorial on how to make a galaxy pattern! So stay tuned as I am currently working on it.

Have a lovely day!


Hiking is back and Pumpkin is here


Fall is by far the best month, and that is from someone who used to give that title to summer. I’m a summer baby, born on summer solstice, and while I love the heat and ability to be outdoors, I’ve found my fear of all things creepy crawly has made me less than thrilled about Summer. Fall is when leaves turn, colors are beautiful, bugs are much less plentiful, and hiking.

I love hiking, I have a love for just walking through the forest on a nice mild day in my boots and knee socks listening to the sounds of nature, and the wind through the trees. I always hope I’ll find something exciting, an old abandoned building, a hidden lake, unicorns.

This was a lovely find me and the other half discovered a year ago. An old unused train track bridge. I only made it halfway over before my anxiety kicked in, it is certainly cross able but those movies make crossing a train bridge look way too easy.


Just look at those fall colors <3

I’m looking forward to going to some of my favorite places to photograph. I recently bought a bag for my D3100 camera, and I’m waiting anxiously for it to arrive.
Isn’t it cute? Looks like just enough room to fit my camera and a few extras. If you’re wondering it is from YesStyle

On another note, fall means something most people seem to love. The thing I obsess over. Pumpkin! Pumpkin lattes, soap, body spray, baked goods, earrings (oh yes I own them). Today is when Pumpkin Spiced Lattes from Starbucks make their wonderful return. What is your favorite month?

New kid on the block

So hello empty white space of silence. I feel like Julie did in “Julie and Julia” when she was all gung-ho about blogging and realized there was no one out there reading yet.

I’ve wanted to blog for the past few years and ooh here I am. I figure I’ll start my blog with a favorites post. I sell and shop on Etsy, so here are a few favorites pairs of earrings I’ve found lately.

Stud earrings, filigree with marcasite and large teardrop Swarovski crystals, Vitrail, green, rainbow colorAntiqued Bronze Lace Leaf Dangle EarringsDewdrops- Vintage Crystal Clear Wedding Jewel Rhinestone Silver EarringsEarrings - Sterling Silver - Pierced Ears - Southwest - Onyx Earrings  - Black Stone Jewelry - Feather Earrings - Large  Earring

You can find these lovely earrings here, here, here, and here.
Until next time invisible friends!